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If you're a forward thinker who wants to grow their personal brand, then we're your team. We're experts in monetization, digital branding, multi-platform growth, online footprint development, and strategic brand partnerships. Our fresh brand of qualified talent managers offers you a full-scale approach to awareness and revenue. In short, we will help you grow and then some! We've secured partnerships with brands like Fashionnova, Pretty Little Things, Snapchat, BET, and Revolt Summit. We will work with you to create and execute attentive, captivating content and unique social campaigns. It's all about being authentic and true to your unique voice - you curate that, and we'll help develop it. We navigate the business side of the digital blueprint so you can focus on doing exactly what you love.


You have a big vision, and we will help you to bring it to life. We work with you to identify co-branded opportunities as well as stand-alone brand creations. Brand development is our speciality - from co-branded product lines to new, from starter brands in collaboration with the top influencers. We innovate in the product space, working with the leading fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to develop international partnerships, ensure we align your brands message for the perfect fit. innovative consumer products + dynamic influencers = the perfect match.

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